Fields Of Fire - Big Country - Where Did The Feeling Go? (CD, Album)

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A real fun time was had by all Q ueen themselves played near a two hour show which showcased most of their greatest hits. The crowd response was rapturous, reports are that the sound was excellent and everyone had a good view thanks to the big screen above the stage. This show was a triumph of organisation and facilities compared to the previous dire weather and lack of a screen for Deep Purple in H owever there were things to complain about. The toilets fell way below the expected standards.

The most dangerous being that some idiot turned off ALL the lights in the field after the show was finished. Given there were at leastthere, possibly many moreit seems crazy that there were no " house lights" to allow the audience to leave safely. There are reports of people taking several hours just to leave the arena, as they more or less had to creep slowly in the dark nose to tail in the direction of the exits. O nce out of the arenamany were then forced to wait for more hours as the police quizzed the passengers on each coach about whether they had witnessed the stabbing that took place at the concert three men were later tried and jailed over the murder.

Queen i thought were really goodit was a really good concert. The worst thing though was afterwards walking through the woods to get back to the coach with no lighting whatsover as you say on your website.

People were wondering round everywhere trying to find their way back. We finally got home about 6 o clock in the morning. The 86 Queen show was truly magnificent - even better than their Wembley show. You cite the Quo coming on early due to other commitments that evening - the rumours at the time it was because the drummer had the squits and needed to come on during a "lull" - far more rock'n'roll. You don't mention the food fights though - these spilled over from the steps of Wembley much throwing of tomato sandwiches and were much more good natured than the wee-filled bottle fights, Highlights were a hail of pork pies aimed at a presumably drunk guy sitting on someone's shoulders yelling "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough".

I have no memory of the lights going out, but I do know it took Album) hours to get out of Album) car park! Keep up the good work! My son ,daughter and son in law were all at this concert, but we don't recall seeing Status Quo at all, and no we hadn't been drinking as all bags were checked on entry. Queen were spectacular, and we recall Big Country. My son put me on his shoulders so that I could see more. At this time I was living in Hoddesdon Herts and so it was much easier for us to get back to the pub I was managing with my 'ex'.

However I did have blood on my trainers and never could quite work out where it had come from, but who knows when you are enjoying yourselves and singing along you get lost in the Queen 'magic'. There will never be another Freddie, and I still have my program and t. Regards Ann Randerson.

Fields Of Fire - Big Country - Where Did The Feeling Go? (CD found your website whilst searching for some info on who the fourth support act was for the concert - I was there but had completely forgotten the completely inconsequential pop act Belouis Some were the fourth act. I couldn't work out why at the time and still can't now, but perhaps it was because the gig was arranged quite late after Queen couldn't get an extra night at Wembley.

We were standing just behind and to the left of the big tree in the first photo from the stage but had a clear view of the stage. We got there fairly late because of the long traffic queues and thought we were near the back due to the large number of people in front of us.

The next day we saw footage on the news because of the stabbing and realised that we were about one third of the way back from the stage, not at the back at all. I liked Big Country, Status Quo Album) Queen, although I wouldn't have bought tickets if it wasn't for a girl I fancied who was a big fan I asked her out to the concert and we got married 6 years later, to the day, and are still together.

As far as I remember, Status Quo seemed a bit flat maybe because they were on quite early. To me it didn't seem strange that they were on before Big Country because they were already in decline by this time and their popularity was waning.

Big Country seemd to be better received where we were although many people were still sitting down throughout both their and Status Quo's sets. Queen did a very good set, very much a greatest hits, and tracks such as Radio Gaga stick in the memory. It also featured several I think four tracks from the current album, a kind of magic, which in my view was not their greatest work but went down okay. I had completely forgotten about the lack of lights after the show, but your website jogged my memory of having to find our way back to the car.

It wasn't pitch black though and I have a good sense of direction so we found our way back quickly. Unfortunately our car was in the field nearest the exit so by the time we had walked there lots of cars had already queued up to get out of the concert and nobody was letting any cars from our field into the queue. Despite their only being less than 10 cars in front of us in the queue from the field and only being about 50m from the exit onto the main road it was hours before we got out - and then I had to drive home.

After a great day though, I really didn't care. I feel quite priviliged to have Album) at Queen's last concert. On random surfing tonight just looked at your website on the above. I was one of the first in the grounds that day with my ex. Have lots of memories and also a scrap book with a few things in it, even a poly bag i think!!! I was sitting on the boards for the lighting structure not too far from the stage. We had to sleep in the car overnight as no-one was going anywhere that night by car!!!

I was there! I used to have a copy of the Live Magic video, where I could be seen nodding out of time to the music. That was how I ended up on your page - my wife wanted to see the footage. I was front row for the whole thing, in front of John Deacon.

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